Protection against termination in the case of renting residential and office property

As a general rule, terminations are permissible if, from an objective point of view, they have a serious motive and are worthy of protection, and therefore constitute a legitimate interest of the party terminating the tenancy. Terminations that violate good faith are not permitted. If the lessor terminates in such a way (e.g. to revenge a tenant because the tenant is uncomfortable), it may be contested by the tenant. In any case, such a termination would be deemed invalid by a court of law.

At the end of the tenancy, the tenant may, in addition, request an extension of the tenancy if he requires more time to find acceptable replacement accommodation than the time that would be available up until the end of the contract. This is possible in the case of the end of the tenancy as a result of expiry of the period or as a result of termination. The maximum period in the case of residential property is 4 years. In the case of business property it is 6 years. An extension is excluded in certain constellations.

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